Funmaths - Vedic Maths Program For Students Aged 12Years & above

FUNMATHS is a Vedic Maths Program aimed at developing the Mental Arithmetic skill of children aged 12 years & Above. This program helps children lose the fear of Mathematics and gain confidence in the subject. Helps the children in their academics and score better marks in all the subjects due to improved self-confidence

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Better marks in Mathematics

Better marks in other subjects

Improved Self Confidence

Better Concentration

Mental Arithmetic skill

Fast Calculations

Better Flexibility

Better Creativity

Improved Memory

Greater Mental Agility

FUNMATHS Strengths

Specialized program in Maths

Comprehensive course curriculum

Highly skilled faculty

FUNMATHS Program Highlights

Course is of 4 levels

Each level is of 3 months duration

Classes are once a week of 2 hours duration

Annual Vedic Maths competitions

Exam And Certificate For Each Level