This Company is committed to the development of skills in all.

Skills are necessary for every individual. Be it a child or an adult. Be it sports or education. Be it a job or a profession. Everyone needs to equip oneself with skills to face the present day competition. Some individuals have skills which are naturally derived through the genes of their parents. Some individuals develop some skills through proper training and regular practice. For that matter any skill can be developed in an individual provided they have the interest, enthusiasm, passion and commitment to master it through regular practice.

As the saying goes Practice makes man perfect, it is true for any skill development.

Skills are a necessity in the present world of competition. Skills instill confidence in an individual. Skills once mastered will never die. Regular practice sharpens your skills. Skills once learnt will never go waste in life. Skills come in handy in times of necessity and need.

What skills do kindergarten teachers expect their new students to have? To help answer those questions (and ease your mind), we've asked highly regarded kindergarten teachers from around the country to share their insights on helping your child gain the right mix of kindergarten-readiness skills.

The skill sets they are looking for might surprise you. Because of the national focus on improving education and meeting standards, you might think that it's most important for children to enter kindergarten knowing their ABCs, numbers, shapes, and colors so they can keep up with the curriculum. While teachers would love children to come in with some letter and number recognition, they don't want you to drill your kids on academic skills. There are equally if not more important readiness skills that set the stage for your child's learning. Raising an eager learner is the goal, and it can be achieved easily through play and day-to-day activities.

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