Skills Education Academy provides excellent business opportunity in all major cities/towns and districts in India as

  • Master Franchisees
  • Franchisees

Low Investment

Who can be Our Channel Partner?

  • Master Franchisee
    Excellent business opportunity for enterprising individuals with zeal, enthusiasm and commitment to succeed in life. It is Suitable for people from all business backgrounds.
  • Franchisees
    Anybody with passion, love, zeal and desire to associate with children and take pride in their development can become Franchisees. It is ideally suited for
  • Play Schools and Pre Schools
  • Schools
  • Educated Housewives
  • School Teachers
  • College Students
  • Home tuition centers
  • VRS People
  • Part-time job seekers

bussiness Partners


The earnings projections for Master Franchisee and Franchisees vary from city to city depending upon the potential of that city/district.


Franchisee Opportunity India


The potential for these programs are tremendous as it is the wish of every parent in the country to develop the skills of their children and make them competitive to face the competition of the future. Considering the present child population in our country which is more than 250 millions, these programs have huge demand and hence huge potential for excellent income in every City / Town / District of the country.


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