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Education Business - Evergreen Business , Excellent Opportunity - Continuous Income, One Time Investment - Lifelong Returns


Skills Education Academy provides excellent business opportunity in all major cities/towns and districts in India as


The earnings potential for franchisee vary from place to place and depends upon the potential of that State / District / Area.

Skills Education Academy welcomes you to be their Franchisee

Outlook: Many graduates are looking for jobs & careers which can take them to heights in their life. Often it is stressful & challenging. Job demands working overtime, achieving targets & deadlines. Very few are lucky achieving them. Some are disappointed for not achieving; some are not able to cope with the stress & strain, and some just about manage a routine life with meagre income.

Here is an opportunity for you to be a self entrepreneur & become a franchisee of Skills Education Academy for their skill development programs:

You will be handling a

Business in training & skill development of children aged 3+ years.

Business that you can be proud of.

Business that is ever green.

Business with low investment & high returns

Business with fast Return on Investment.

Business that is suitable to Educated homemakers, School Teachers, VRS Holders, Home Tuition Centres, Play & Pre-School Centres.

Business that requires weekend working.

This opportunity enables you to be the boss of your own business. The more effort you put the more you benefit. You can provide employment to others.

Why to become a franchisee?

There are advantages in buying a franchise rather than buying or starting an independent business. Some of them are listed below:

Association with a well established, reputed brand of product or service.

Initial and continuous management training.

Access to established standard procedures, operating guidelines & control mechanisms.

Avoiding the unnecessary trial & error period in starting & operating a new business.

Lower financial risk, compared to other ventures. Because, investment costs are lower & profit margins are higher.

Business format franchising complete packages ensure a ready to go franchised unit.

The franchisee has an opportunity to run a proven business with a successful operational track record.

The opportunity to learn the latest developments and changes in the local & global market from the franchisor and focus entirely on generating revenues.

The benefit of operating under a recognized trade name / trade mark which can have better marketing results.

In simple terms, Skills Education Academy provides

Supports from skills education Academy

A business with low investment with high returns.

Customised promotion material provided by Company. No additional investment

No registration for business required.

Business method / training provided by Company.

Support from Company to set up your centre.

24 x 7 online support to franchisee(s)

skills development courses

Franchisee opportunity available all over India for all programs

Who can be Our Channel Partner?

Master Franchisee Excellent business opportunity for enterprising individuals with zeal, enthusiasm and commitment to succeed in life. It is Suitable for people from all business backgrounds.

Franchisees Anybody with passion, love, zeal and desire to associate with children and take pride in their development can become Franchisees. It is ideally suited for

Play Schools and Pre Schools


Educated Housewives

School Teachers

College Students

Home tuition centres

VRS People

Part-Time job seekers

skills education and training
Skills training program
Market Potential

The potential for these programs are tremendous as it is the wish of every parent in the country to develop the skills of their children and make them competitive to face the competition of the future. Considering the present child population in our country which is more than 250 millions, these programs have huge demand and hence huge potential for excellent income in every City / Town / District of the country.


skills education institute

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